New new new!

by | Jun 12, 2009

Or rather – gently used and new to me 😉

Oh My Goodness…

I have so many new toys!

A ProDomme acquaintance of mine retired a while ago and was finally saying goodbye to some of her equipment. Well I’m not one to stand my when there are toys and outfits to be snapped up and given a new home!

I have new electro units and attachments…

Fabulous new silicone dildoes for my strap-on…

New rubber for me to wear 🙂

Beautiful fully fashioned stockings and vintage girdle – though the stockings may end up with Ms J as they’re a larger size (10 instead of 9) than I usually wear but I will try some on and see how they fit.

Gas masks!

Medical supplies – including the now “rare as hen’s teeth” disposable enema kits.


Sexy stuff for my dear c/d girls!

It’s all rather exciting really – hehehe

I might have to take a few photos of all the bounty once I’ve stopped gloating.