it’s here!

by | Sep 21, 2009

happy dance….

My leather sleep sack arrived today! OMG – it smells soooo good – and the workmanship is outstanding… made in San Francisco and not somewhere in Pakistan 😉 I’ve seen a lot of cheap knock-offs on ebay – and was actually referred to the website of the place that supplies to most of those ebay sellers (in pakistan) which uses a photo lifted from the Mr-S website! Hmmmm – I could have saved almost $1,500 if I’d gone the cheap version – but I’m too much of a pervy leather fetishist to cut corners!

When it arrived this afternoon I was worried that it might be a little on the small side! One of the downsides of being a ProDomme and using my gear on multiple people is trying to have one-size-fits-most… but I’ve tried the body bag out on

who’s 6’3" and he squeezes in nice and tight! It provides an extremely intense experiene but only takes five minutes to get into – if I do all the lacing 😉 less without!

I haven’t taken a photo yet… but here’s one off the Mr-S website

Here’s what they had to say about it on the Mr S website…. and yes – it was VERY expensive – Aussie subs can all thank their American brothers for coming to play with me while I was visiting Irene Boss as I put some of that money aside for something special.

Made of the Finest quality leather we can find. Mr. S/Fetters are the Original designers of the Sleepsack. All others have been copied from us. When you are spending this much money for a Major piece of Bondage equipment, you might as well get the Best one available. The All Leather Sleepsack covers your entire body from the Neck to the Feet. When you are Zipped into the Leather cocoon and then the laces are pulled over the zipper, you are squeezed tightly and evenly the entire length of your body. The feeling is one of total helplessness. With your arms and hands secured inside the Inner sleeves at your sides, you can’t reach or touch anything.

Our Sleepsacks are equipped with 30 small metal D-rings down the front which allows you to lace the sack very tightly. It can be a comfortable overnight experience or it can be pulled so tightly that it becomes an intense bone crushing body numbing trip. An amazing and stunning back to the womb experience.

The Mr. S/ Fetters Sleepsack is the Rolls Royce of all Sleepsacks and is the ultimate Bondage Experience. That goes for a relaxing short term (a few hours) or for longer overnight scenes. Rings along the sides of the Sack holds a set of leather belts in place. Using these 6 belts allows you to make the Sleepsack Even tighter then with just the lacing. These 12 rings also give you access points for suspending the Sleepsack Horizontally.

All our sacks have been designed with a single long zipper, running the entire length of the sleepsack from neck to ankles. The zipper has three pulls, so the zipper can be opened anywhere along its length! This will give you complete access to the victims Cock and Balls even while he is still tightly encased.

With shoulder or ankle suspension, or both. (MsS – I have shoudler suspension) We think this is the most enjoyable way to hang in there – tightly encased in the leather and floating in space. The suspension straps are additions that must be added when ordering the sleepsack. The ultimate bondage experience, just ask anyone who’s been there!

I can’t wait to get to use it in session on some of my fabulous bondage and sensory deprivation subs!