by | Sep 4, 2009

I just looked at my lj and saw a long list of my twitter feeds and realised that I haven’t written a proper update in aaages.

I have lots of things that warrant discussion – been having heaps of fun in session lately – especially with the cock-stock! It’s sooo good! I have a couple of photos of it on my phone so I’ll have to transfer them across and put them up here so everyone can know what I’m talking about.

Anyway I thought I’d better mention that I’m going to Perth in a couple of weeks!

I haven’t really visited WA before – apart from a overnight stop on a series of business briefings I was organising about 5 or 6 years ago… so I’m really looking forward to seeing a bit more of the city and area.

I leave Sydney on the 22nd, and am back again the 27th – so just a few days. I will some availability to play while I’m away – so anyone interested should contact me in advance so I can make sure to pack the right toys 😉

Oh – and here’s a photo I took with my webcam the other day – isn’t my siamese cat cute 😉 Not sure what I’m looking at though…