c/d fun 🙂

by | Oct 2, 2009

I had one of my favourite “girls” come in for a session today and had a lot of fun introducing her to Mistress Jadis and even venturing out of Carisbrook for the first time!

“Daria” has been seeing me regularly for a while now and I must say she’s changed in that time… partly I suspect due to my assiduous application of wax strips 😉 I even got special pink glitter wax strips! Who even knew that such a thing existed – but they certainly do add to the girlie overload 😉

Anyway – today was a major step – as Daria not only was at the hands of another Mistress as well as myself – but we took her our on a little shopping trip! Heading over in chauffeur driven comfort we went a few minutes down the road to A touch of Glamour on Parramatta Road. It was a perfect first outing for a nervous “girl” as the ladies there are very understanding and of course have a lot of nice outfits and accessories 😉 I even picked up a little something for my girls… a lovely pink ruffled skirt and some opera length red satin gloves (not to be worn at the same time of course!)

I’ve been doing a lot of full transformation sessions recently – and of course am always picking up things here and there for wardrobe, make up and so on…

Oh – and “she” even brought me some cupcakes! On account of it being my birthday in a few days – so we celebrated our successful shopping trip with champagne and cupcakes!