and while I’m thinking about it

by | Nov 17, 2009

time that is and how I’ll be travelling again soon…

The trite but true phrase “time flies” has been in my head – I was looking through old lj entries and thinking about this time of year… it’s six years since I left Salon Kitty’s to open my own dungeon! Wow – six years… that has gone by very fast.

I still have the original emails from Mistress Synna who was retiring from professional domination and selling me all her equipment (I also took over her lease) – I signed the contract with her on the 18th of November 2003 and resigned from Salon Kittys a couple of days later.

Funny looking at the inventory of stuff that was included – there was a lot, which was necessary because I was starting from almost nothing! That said I did need to source quite a few new more-Servalan sort of pieces straight away – I think the first things were my leather strap which I commissioned specially from Radical Leather and a big bumper box of shoes for cross dressing! I guess that shows where my priorities lay 😉 Though I still use quite a few of the original Ms Synna things, most of the white rope was hers, and the large bondage equipment, rubber flooring, chains, shackles and all sorts of bits and pieces, even a few of her original canes. Lots of medical consumables which have of course all been used and replaced over the years.

Her style of domination was quite different to mine – so as time went on more and more of the original pieces have been replaced… though by no means all! Sometimes things even get a new lease on life – that low bench up on the South Floor of Carisbrook was something I loathed at first and relegated to a dark corner where it rarely got used (and it really isn’t much good for cp) – but now I love it and use it all the time!

In December it will be two years since I left Underworld (my original Lewisham dungeon) and started the renovation process at Carisbrook. Looking around you’d never guess just what a disaster it was when I moved in – I have three very important people to thank for that… my slaves skott and j/charlotte and kelli who was our project manager.

Just one more room to finish (well if anything can really be said to be “finished”) – the sling room. Though that’s just waiting for me – if there’s one thing my slaves have learnt over the past two years it’s Mistress can’t be rushed!

anyway – just thinking about how much has been achieved. And how lucky I’ve been to have so many fantastic people in my life helping me along the way.