by | Nov 2, 2009

So I’ve been trying to stop the automatic arrival of all my tweets here in this journal – cause really, if people want to follow me on twitter then can follow me over there…

But for some reason I can’t get the third party thingy to recognise that it’s even doing it! Eek – I’ve emailed their support so will hopefully be able to stop it all soon – otherwise I’ll be dropping in and randomly deleting the posts. I don’t like the look of a whole lot stream of tweets instead of whole sentences 😉

Sooo – what’s been happening in big words… Lots of goodness!

I went to Melbourne for both weekends of OzKinkfest 09 which was awesome fun – huge thanks to all the organisers for putting such a great run of events together. I was a very spoiled Mistress because for both weekends I was travelling with my slaves – it’s so much more relaxing than having to do my own unpacking! So nice to come home from being all glamorous in heels and get a nice relaxing foot massage and a cup of peppermint tea 🙂

So many fantastic shows at the events – and so many fabulous kinksters who I got to meet and hang out with. There are some serious sadists (and masochists) down there – I fit right in and made some new friends 😉

There are some photos up on my Fetlife profile – which I have to say I recommend people going and having a look at if they’re not on there already.