just over a week

by | Nov 17, 2009

Till I leave on my travels… though I’m only away for ten days or so this time. Anyone looking for playdates before I leave – my last day in the dungeon (well apart from the crazed packing drama on the wednesday morning) will be Tuesday the 24th.

I’m really looking forward experiencing to my first Thanksgiving – I’ve been promised Tofurkey with all the trimmings 😉 and pumpkin pie and umm – stuff… What’s really good? (and available in a vegetarian version)…

Also will finally be catching up with ms-ariel who I keep missing when I’m in the Bay Area. This time we’ve made concrete plans for a decadent dining experience well in advance so neither of our schedules will get in the way!

Not sure what the weather will be like – I’ve been in the Bay area in late October before, and in January… but not sure what this time of year is like… what to pack? Though it will be boot weather that’s for sure 😉