loong photo post

by | Nov 3, 2009

I took a heap of photos in an extended heavy bondage session I did a couple of days ago – soo much fun! I’ve been really enjoying my new leather bondage toys – the sleepsack but especially the leg sheaths. They really turn any position into something really restrictive as the legs aren’t able to squirm at all… plus they smell amazing if you’re that way inclined 😉

This session actually started with the slave in bondage in the standing cage up on the South Floor – but I didn’t get any photos till I moved him to the cross for some flogging… loads of other stuff of course, but here are some happy snaps of some of the cool things that went on.

One of the great things about Carisbrook for me is having so many different spaces to play in – a session can move around rather than just stay in one room.

flogged on the cross – and yes, the balls are attached 😉

then locked in my cockstock… it doesn’t move much no matter how much a slave squirms during cbt 😉

Mummified on the low bench with pallet wrap and tape

subjected to some forced boot worship

into full rubber enclosure with heavy gasmask hood then suspended

handy catsuit zip leaves some “parts” exposed 😉

Locked in the cell

the view from above – I like being able to keep a slave under surveillance

a new position in the cell – note the thermarest – I’m soooo kind!

(partial) strappado with an electro humbler

the Mr S leather sleepsack is snug and actually quite relaxing

fabulous leg sheath binders make the most simple bondage incredibly restrictive

same bondage from above!

exposed areas get some attention 😉