long time no update!

by | Dec 19, 2009

So I’ve been back in Sydney for almost two weeks and haven’t updated – oops 😉

The Bay area was great – I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving! I’ve decided it’s an awesome holiday because it’s all about the snacks and not about buying people stuff they don’t need… I helped make the tofurkey – well – I made the baste anyway… the tofurkey itself came in a box from WholeFoods. It was totally carb-fest 2009 with the addition of mashed potato, roast veggies, rolls, stuffing (which comes separately in a box by itself), and biscuits – which I love… nomnomnom

The the desserts! Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and Pecan Pie – but the winner was one that I made… Pavlova!

No one had ever had pav before – and it was nommed up very fast…

apart from Thanksgiving I mostly just relaxed with my friends and had a holiday… did some (vanilla) shopping which is funny because I won’t really get to wear all the cool stuff I bought for a few months, saw a movie, ate at my fav. restaurant Millenium and had brunch at Herbivore, I even went to a play party which was really fun.

so for everyone who’s been wondering – that was my pre-holidays holiday… I’m staying in Sydney over the xmas/ new year period and will be available for sessions. Well – apart from the 25th and 26th when I have family obligations…