almost done!

by | Jan 19, 2010

My newest playspace – the very last one (well unless I change my mind and move things around)!

Today the team assembled for the Herculean task of lifting a large mirror onto the ceiling and securing it safely there… hmmm – mirrored ceiling – more than a little cheeky, especially considering what’s hanging underneath!

Also today I dropped in at my favourite sexy shopping destination MaXXX Black omg they have a lot of fabulous stock in at the moment! Including the hilarious awesome Japanese Tenga cups I wrote about before… I restrained myself from picking one up – as they’re one person toys, but if a sub wants to bring one in with him to session I’m sure I’d be *very* entertained! hehehehe

What did I pick up?

Fabulous things of course! Including a very interesting p-spot vibrator I’m looking forward to trying out – and a different choice of lube 😉 so I can see what works best with all the other goodies…