by | Jan 20, 2010

I have two sessions today, a good example of the different things I like!

First was a simple half hour with a dedicated stockinged feet fetishist. I’d pre-worn some beautiful vintage tan rht stockings… He was in stocking-heaven sniffing and kissing them!

My next session is at the opposite end of the spectrum, especially in time! Starting tonight and ending Friday morning my slave is in for 36 hours under my total and absolute control… Of course we don’t spend every moment playing, there’s plenty of time for slave to languish in the cell.

I love having contrasts – that’s why you can never get bored as a prodomme, there’s no “same old, same old”. From short, focussed and fun to a huge multiday extravaganza it’s always new and exciting for me! Even after all these years 🙂

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