by | Feb 15, 2010

Kung hei fat choi to everyone! I hope that the year of the tiger brings everyone health, peace and prosperity 😀

I’ve been very busy with lots of sessions recently – all different fun things… It’s been great having Ms Jadis back from her travels too – she was away for a whole month and I missed hanging out with her. Sometimes I can be a bit of a lazy friend and not go out much… I remember chatting about this to Mistress Wynter about it – she’s pretty much the same. Lucky we both have friends who turn up at our dungeons 😉

I had a couple of friends come in over the last couple of weeks too – for personal naughty time or photoshoots whatever… so yay for sharing! I don’t hire Carisbrook to other professionals apart from MsJ (with a very rare exception for a personal friend) as I feel it’s too personal a space if that makes sense… I have ladies contact me quite frequently – but it’s important to me that the energy and privacy isn’t compromised. Occasional lifestyle couples coming in for Learn & Play sessions are welcome of course.

I was saying to a sub earlier today sometime it feels like I have some sort of magic ability to get what I want. I’ve been having a lot of fun with full transformation recently – but today I was really feeling in the mood for traditional bondage and discipline – and that’s what I got! Was so very fun – I did a couple of different rope suspensions, caning, cbt – all sorts of lovely lovely things 😀

When I first started writing this blog (ummm – six years ago?) I used to write that I felt in the mood for piercing or bondage or whatever and lo and behold someone would come in wanting that very thing…. I used to think that it was marketing – but in recent years I don’t make those sorts of posts very often – I just *think* that I feel like playing with a sissy baby, or bullwhipping and the same thing happens!

So maybe I do have a tiny bit of Domme-magic 😉