by | Mar 20, 2010

I’m off to a friend’s wedding this afternoon – I’m still not sure what to wear… apparently cocktail is the dress code. Sometimes I find that my wardrobe has some rather large gaps in it 😉 I have a *lot* of beautiful fetish wear in leather and rubber, and a reasonable selection of jeans, martial arts training gear and gym wear… not so much for other occasions 😉

Ah well – I’m sure something will be right.

Lots of awesome play recently – and coming up!

Including another intense multi-day session… it’s such an experience for both Domme and sub taking a journey into total power exchange over two nights and three days. Not all beatings all the time of coure – but even the simplest thing like sending a sub out with a buttplug and cock cage locked in place to get himself breakfast at a local bakery and bring me back a pastry are fantastic experiences… the illusion of being a “free man” to anyone who looked – walking around in the morning sunshine, but still immersed in total slavery.

I think I need to gather my thoughts on the experience of extended sessions and write something… I seem to be doing quite a few of them – though the more “usual” timing is 9 – 10 hours during the day or about 12 hours overnight. But the multi-day ones are even more intense.