the rubber wait – and thoughts on education….

by | Mar 5, 2010

It takes patience to be a fetishist some times… I ordered a new catsuit back at the end of January – and am waiting patiently to hear that it’s ready to ship… not that I wasn’t warned – the website does say 6-8 weeks. But soon I can start to feel excited 😉

A new rubber wait just started today – I just ordered a heavy rubber body bag! I already have a beautiful leather body bag from MrS that I bought (well ordered and paid for – it had to be made and couriered out to me) in San Francisco, and a fabulous versatile spandex body bag I bought at Leatherman in New York a few years ago…

So I’m still trying to decide on the size – the other two are Large – and I’m deciding if I want something similar or to go a bit bigger and have an option for extra big subs… hmmm – ponders…

I (finally) decided to order the body bag this afternoon after my fabulous rubber fetish and heavy bondage session – I can get a little covetous thinking of all the wonderful equipment there is in the world that I don’t have!!!

giggle – lucky for me I did my banking yesterday and so have some budget set aside for equipment – that’s the Pro part of being a ProDomme 😉 though I leave all the complicated gst and so on to my accountant… not sure if the new piece counts as capital expenditure that has to be written off over time of if it’s done immediately – oh well – that’s why I pay him…. some things are always better left to professionals 😉

Quiet day for me yesterday – catching up on the banking and washing some towels 😉 I had a quick chat with Mistress Jadis too – she was tormenting some lucky subs!

I also recently had a great night at Sydney’s premier adult store assisting with a women’s sexuality night as the official pervert 😉 I gave an introduction to spanking, negotiation and some basic bondage – but the main message was really have a go!

I’m a great believer in couples and particularly ladies feeling comfortable with trying new things and exploring. Plus I really love teaching – which is why I took on Ms Jadis and like helping out people wanting to try some new things.

I guess it’s also why I do quite a lot of couple’s introduction to BDSM sessions and have the whole Carisbrook Learn and Play system which is non-intimidating to new people. While there are a few activities that do need to be taken very cautiously (suspension bondage being the main example) – most BDSM isn’t really rocket science – and if people follow my number 1 rule (start really light and work up) they won’t go too far wrong 😉

I love seeing the light bulb go on in someone’s eyes when they suddenly “get” it and decide they want to explore further and give rein to some of their darker fantasies in a safe and fulfilling way…