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by | Apr 29, 2010

This was written by a “naughty boy” I’ve been seeing for 8 or 9 years now – he’s into domestic discipline and age play… The piece is a “letter I’ve written to a junior disciplinarian which he stole from my desk” 😉 obviously all is role play and everyone involved is an adult naughty boy (or disciplinarian).

Some thoughts on the Discipline of Boys

Learning to effectively meet the disciplinary needs of naughty boys takes time and no little effort. My position at this school as headmistress, means that it is my personal responsibility to take in hand, all boys who need expert care when it comes to addressing the problem of protracted naughtiness. Whilst there can be no doubt that one should always start at the bottom, there are many points to consider when choosing an approach to take. For this reason I would like to illustrate just some of the complexities of dealing with boys who are in need of a firm hand.

Every boy is different (at least at first) so you have to understand that even the act of baring the bottom can be performed in a variety of ways. When giving a spanking, a boy may be taken taken over the knee before his bottom is bared, or the bottom may be bared whilst he is still standing. Of course the latter method raises the question of whether the pants are to be pulled down to the knees, or whether they should come down only enough to expose the cheeks of the bottom whilst remaining high enough at the front to provide some degree of modesty. There are those who argue that one should never deviate from a tried and trusted method, but one must understand the extent to which it is necessary to embarrass the particular boy in one’s care.

Most boys are shocked the first time that I take down their pants and underpants and it is often enough for the “first timer” to have only his bare bottom on display. It involves a little more effort, but baring the bottom when a boy is comfortably in position over the knee is enough to make a suitable, if not a lasting impression. The boy is reassured and will more readily accept witnesses being present.

The fingers of the dominant hand should be slipped under the waistband of the pants as the boy is informed that the pants are to be pulled down and the same approach is repeated for the underpants. Though for added effect I will ask if the boy knows what I am about to do before pulling down the underpants and the expected reply should be that his bottom will be spanked bare.

Sometimes I will employ this method several times until the boy is quite content to have his bottom spanked and will even request an appointment with me when he feels that he’s earned it. That said, though there will come a time when the humiliation factor needs to be increased and without warning I will lower pants and underpants while a boy is still standing, leaving him unadorned and in full view of all present.

This means as you can guess that his little penis is exposed for the viewing pleasure of witnesses and I can tell you that this increases the embarrassment factor exponentially. Boys who have returned to the school have told me that when they knew this was in store for them they worried that their penis would be in an embarrassingly flaccid state appearing as a tiny little knob. As they got older I am reliably informed that the worry was that the penis might reveal some degree of pleasure at their predicament. They soon learnt that this would mean an automatic increase in the punishment to make their “condition” go away.

Humiliation as you have probably now guessed is a very important part of the process so if I believe that a boy is getting too big for his pants then I won’t hesitate to pull pants and underpants right down to his knees. Before I take him across my knee though I make a point of explaining what I am about to do for the benefit of the boy and any witnesses who need to take in the details of the process. Boys who are being punished this way for the first time will often attempt to cover themselves with their hands and this can be remedied by telling them to place their hands on their heads.

Once across my knee I usually spend time reassuring a boy that it is because I care that he is in this position. Of course it helps to calm boys new to the experience by gently caressing the bottom and this is especially effective when the bottom is care. Often I will caress the bottom to to relax a boy who is stiff and tense and for those boys I refer to as my intractables, this sometimes sets up a useful cycle wherein one has an excuse to inspect the penis and if there are signs of arousal, one then has an excuse to spank even harder.

Any boy who has gone across my knee knows that I will not hesitate to pul the cheeks of his bottom apart and inspect thoroughly for any signs of forgetfulness when it comes to wiping. Most boys are always in a hurry to go and play so there is invariably a need to practice bottom wiping. This means that the potty has to come out and the boy in question is required to sit like a three year old on the potty until there is a reason to practice bottom wiping. I often observe physiological signs that the boy in question is enjoying returning to this early childhood state so it is sometimes necessary to speed up the process by inspecting the potty every ten minutes and applying the wooden spoon if the job had not been completed. If things are moving too slowly then a boy can always be moved by an enema.

Lots of boys come to me for misbehaviour that has occurred in the toilets and a fitting punishment I have devised is to have the boy kneel in front of the potty and wee on command with the help of a well placed ruler across the bottom if there is any error in trajectory. I must say that I get really cross when a boy is sent to me for careless weeing. All boys will make a horrid mess in a toilet if they are not trained. My approach to this aspect of training is to go back to basics. The boy’s pants and underpants are removed, the nappy area as it is known in babycare books is then washed and thoroughy powdered, the bottom just because it is bare is spanked soundly and a nice clean nappy is lovingly fitted. After the nappy has been on for a good while and has served its purpose it is removed. This often coincides with an afternoon tea with lady friends who delight in watching the nappy change which is often accompanied by a few strokes of the cane for added effect.

Finally boys need to be taught that there are some expectations about behaviour during a punishment and these are as follows;

1 – There can be no talking unless a question is asked and the answer needs to be polite and to the point. Mumbling will not be tolerated.

2 – Crying will only make matters wore. Sniffing, sobbing and complaints of any kind will mean that a spanking is likely to become a caning.

3 – All boys sent for punishment will be correctly attired. If a boy needs to be sent to me after lights out I expect him to be wearing regulation pyjamas. Pyjama bottoms are to be tied with a single boy for easy removal and if a boy thinks that he is old enough to be wearing underpants to preserve his modesty then he can expect these to come down for a dose of the cane. Underpants must be regulation and will be inspected for any signs of staining.

4 – Bottoms while on display will be inspected to establish if they have recently been punished. Any bottom showing signs of having been already spanked will be caned.

In conclusion let me simply say that if a headmistress cares about each and every boy in her school then she should always be prepared to attend to his bottom in a loving by firm fashion. I do hope that this has been of some assistance to those about to spank.