So much fun 🙂

by | May 22, 2010

I’ve been in New York for a couple of days and have been having a fabulous time :)

Started out with a wonderful spanking session – I do so love turning a “naughty boy” over my knee – Ms Wynter has a fabulous domestic room which is perfect for those who prefer a more “natural” environment than the decadent aura of the dungeon.

He wrote a little write up of the experience over on Max Fisch – but this is my fav bit – “She didn’t waste a lot of time lecturing before putting me over her lap and getting down to work. You’ve heard some spankers claim that their hand can sting as much as a paddle – well, I believe hers can. From the first smack, it was clear that she was capable of delivering a memorable hand spanking. It seemed like she’d never stop, and she hardly did. She kept up continuous patter without straying from the issues at hand and without repeating they usual “bad boy” and “of course it hurts” phrases. She has an infectious laugh and a wicked sense of humor that came out just when it was time for a few seconds break from the constant barrage of spanks….

Anyway, I got out with most of my hide intact, but with a very satisfied feeling. While I’ve had some pretty decent spankings over the years, mostly from house dommes, only my experiences with Miss Chris of Phoenix have been comparable both in style and intensity to Ms. Servalan. The visit was worth the trip.”
Loads more traveller’s tales to come – there’s been a fair share of shopping, loads of delicious food and other fabulous play dates :D but right now I need to go buy some cupcake cases cause I’m making chocolate crackles!

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