West coast adventures…

by | Jun 3, 2010

This update is slightly delayed as I’m actually sitting at home in Sydney, sipping a gin and tonic and listening to the rain outside… however – I do want to cover off some more of my adventures!

I even visited a new city – Sacramento! I caught the Amtrak across from Berkeley which was actually a really nice trip, very quick and with great scenery… then was picked up by my friend the marvellous Ms Minax and whisked off to her secret location… and I do mean *secret* the fabulously well equipped dungeon she uses when in Sacramento is entered via a hidden door! We had a wonderful session playing together with a favourite sub of hers… there was lots of fabulous bondage, cbt, nipple play and a heap of awesome electro… This space has a unique and severe aluminium bondage chair/pillory which I really enjoyed using… though the absolute highlight of the session was the end – where we were using two separate ErosTek boxes for maximum torment and the sub serenaded us with “The Star Spangled Banner”! Wonderful – and so patriotic!

We had so much fun chatting in the car on the drive back that Minax invited me to be a guest of hers on CarnalNation for a video interview :) Which we did a few days later… I promise to let everyone know when the footage is up – though I don’t think it will be for a while as there is apparently a few other fabulous interviews waiting! Well worth checking out…

I also got to meet the wonderful Madame Katorga in person after having been an online friend for some time. She showed off her fabulous new playspace The State. It was such a pleasure to spend a little time with her, talking about whips, traditional leather training, our personal fetishes and our approaches to Domination both personal and professional. I’m really hoping we get a chance to play together on my next visit to the Bay Area – or if I can lure her for a visit to Australia!

One of my days was totally devoted to decadence – happy sigh… lunch with Ms Minax at Wicked Grounds the kinky cafe, then checking in at the Hilton for a couple of nights – I then headed off to do some shopping! It was all looking quite sensible (a couple of nice dresses on sale) until I hit the shoe department of Barney’s… giggle – I couldn’t decide between two beautiful pairs of Christian Louboutin’s so I bought both! Happy sigh – I do so love those shiny red soles….

Cupcakes, champagne and other decadent delights followed!

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