Irene Boss is coming to town!

by | Aug 24, 2010

Very soon :) Less than 4 weeks actually – she’s taking sessions for two days only – the 18th and 19th of September… so availability is very tight!

I was just discussing her on the weekend when I had a fabulous session with someone who’d been to see her at The Compound in Pittsburgh. His primary interest is singletails, and he has had quite a lot of trouble over the years finding ladies who are adept at using them…. particularly in London and Australia. I put him in a variety of different positions and used my snake whip, signal whip and bull whip on him… finishing with him suspended, with electro attached to his genitals and the bull whip being applied to his bottom :)   he seemed to relish the experience – hehee… one of those lucky “orgasm from electro” subs.

Domina Irene of course is famous for being one of the world’s leading whip artists and has made a lot of fabulous videos that feature her skills – you can see them on her website ;)

One of her newest videos is another double one with me that we shot when I was visiting last year!  It covers a lot of intense sadistic fabulousness ;) but one of my favourite parts is a double singletailing with Domina Irene on one side and me on the other…

There’s also a free trailer Joys of Female Domination so go have a look!

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