New Toys!

by | Oct 7, 2010

As always I’ve been busy acquiring new toys and making additions to Carisbrook!

After a rather long wait my two new latex bodybags arrived – I’ve put both of them to good use and have received very enthusiastic reviews indeed from happy rubberists, bondage lovers and pretty much everyone I’ve wanted to squoosh into one ;)

Why two? Well they’re different sizes to start – one is heavier gauge rubber and is reinforced with straps and buckles so it can be cinched up tight! The smaller one is a finer gauge of latex, has an attached hood and plenty of “strategic” zips… Both of them have internal sleeves so resistance if futile once the slave has been put inside.

I’ll have to take some photos of the other one – it’s very appealing – the attached hood has red eye and mouth holes so the sub has a classic fetish look while being restricted and tormented at the same time!

So now there’s a fabulous alternative to my wonderful heavy leather suspension bodybag that I bought at Mr S in San Francisco. (oh and the super useful spandex one from LeatherMan in NYC)

Other new toys have also been of the shiny variety – but this time metal! I have some fantastic locking wrist cuffs to add to my metal bondage collection… metal bondage can be so unforgiving – and for a lot of people the idea of being in chains was part of their very first bondage fantasies.

Shiny metal CBT toys too :) nice spikey ones – hehee

As you can see I test these things out – not sure why the subs seem to think it’s uncomfortable – I didn’t feel a thing ;)

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