a return to lj?

by | Nov 23, 2010

I think Twitter has eaten up most of my updating – which is sad really because while it’s good fun to chat with friends (or rather "followers") there the little mini-updates about what I’m doing are probably not being seen casually the same way my diary was/is for years and years.

Plus I always really liked reading other people’s posts – the other blog platforms don’t seem to foster the same sort of community that we had on lj. I shall make an attempt I think to update a little more frequently…

So anyway – today’s thoughts

I’ve been super busy lately – which is interesting because busy/not busy always comes in waves… September was pretty crazy – especially with ireneboss Irene Boss visiting from the US. Then my birthday month 😉 October, rather quiet. Not in a deathly way but I had way too much sofa time 😉 I find when I’m busy I tend to be more productive in all sorts of areas but otherwise fall into a weird vale of procrastination.

Sometimes I’m so not an adult – like this fabulous post from Hyperbole and a half which I’m sure everyone has already seen (it gets linked like crazy) but is always worth another giggle http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-is-why-ill-never-be-adult.html

Sometimes I get so behind on the practical things – answering emails, buying supplies, going to the motherf*cking BANK like an ADULT – washing all the reams of white Sheridan towels (I bought a whole lot of new ones recently and held a giant towel cull turning the mangy ones into clean-ups).

I think that’s why I love sessions so much – I’m totally in the moment and not tempted with any procrastination… and my desire to jump around thinking of fun things to do is generally an advantage to me and the subs!

But anyway – the last few weeks – busy busy busy 🙂 with some many different sorts of sessions and experiences.

I’ve had a lot of extended sessions – the longest of which was 67 hours! Starting on Wednesday lunchtime and ending on Saturday morning… this is with a sub I’ve been seeing for many years – and we’ve been doing overnight and double overnight sessions for years now – but three nights was the next level 🙂

Other overnight (or all day) sessions have been very varied too – I know people wonder what goes on – it’s certainly not the same as 10 or 12 one hour sessions all stuck together! Because really – we’d both die of exhaustion!

But each experience has it’s own energy and pace – which is why I love them so much… the one thing however is total immersion into being under my control. Taking a sideways step out of everyday life into – well I guess it is *my* everyday life! Hehee – though with more of the fun, glamorous bits and less buying gloves and enemas from the medical suppliers 😉

Recent extended sessions have been bondage and traditional bdsm/ slave training, cross dressing including trips out to see glamorous drag shows, adult baby and humiliation focus and rubber fetish.

So much fun!

Anyway – just to add something other than rambling here is a photo from ten minutes ago of me and my evil black cat – if you hear a cat yowling when you’re on the phone to me it’s 99% ollie as he thinks all attention is belonging to him 😉 My little siamese would beg to differ – but she’s a lot quieter!