On holiday December 3 – 15

by | Nov 29, 2010

Well I’m about to pack up and head off on some travels again – this time I’m going back to see my friends in San Francisco and then heading further North to visit Canada for the first time!

I do love getting new stamps in my passport ;)

I’m just having a little holiday this time – though of course that will probably involve personal play – this *is* me after all! I couldn’t be expected to be kink-deprived for a whole ten days!

Plus with the Australian dollar still holding up okay (though not like it was a few weeks ago when we were actually worth *more* than the US dollar) I’m planning on picking up a few little items here and there… Possibly a pair of shoes or boot – hehee – we all know who’s name will be on the shiny red sole now don’t we ;)

I’m not really into shopping when I’m at home – partly it’s that there is more choice/ better stuff when I’m travelling but mainly I think it’s just that I am more in the mood to shop when not at home. Also there’s more a sense of urgency – better snap the whatever up because who knows when I’ll be at this shop again!

Mistress Jadis of course will be holding the fort at Carisbrook during my absence – and then we have a teeny tiny turnaround before she’s off to the UK for her Xmas break! Brrr – you think we’d be wanting to stay in the warm…

I’m still here till Friday afternoon – so will try and put up a post with some of the photos from Irene Boss’s visit. We’ve got quite a number of great shots of all three of us (me, MsJ and Irene) plus of course our plethora of lucky submissives :D

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