by | Dec 23, 2010

Not very impressed with the weather at the moment! It’s not at all what I expect over Christmas – hopefully it will improve…

I lived at Bronte near the beach for 10 years (before I moved over to the Inner West) and it was a tradition to go for a swim at the beach on Christmas Day. Not so much in recent years cause I’m over at various relatives houses – though I think I prefer the beach tradition, it’s a lot more relaxing!

I think Mistress Jadis is probably enjoying the weather even less as she’s just arrived in London for her Christmas holidays – looking at the weather there it’s zero at the moment – eek! Hopefully she’ll keep nice and warm – and get some serious shopping in while she’s over there 😉 New York is freezing cold too – but I think Mistress Wynter likes it that way – heehe. I have a weather app on my phone so I check out what the weather is like for all my friends round the world – daggy I know but I like that sort of thing.

I got my Christmas shopping done yesterday – I snapped up presents for a few people at Top3 which is a design store at Westfield Bondi Junction… so many lovely things! though the website doesn’t do it justice really as I think with many of these sorts of things the appeal is more physical than purely visual how good they feel in your hand when you pick them up.

It was surprisingly un-mad – though I was sensible and took the train over instead of playing car wars in the carpark – much more relaxing…

This is the first time in years I’m not running around like a headless chook on Christmas Eve 😉