Busy Domme is busy!

by | Jan 18, 2011

This year has been filled with fun and sordidness so far 🙂 it this is 2011 I’m liking the cut of it’s jib!


The first week of January got off to an interesting and very busy start – I had the 1st off this year and then saw a couple of fabulous people on the 2nd both of whom I’ve been playing with for years… The first sub is someone I’d describe as “heavy everything” with piercing, cp and other fabulous things – but really is just someone I have an amazing, intense personal connection with. I’ve been seeing him since my Salon Kitty’s days and while he’s not currently based in Australia our connection is still really strong when we get a chance to play.

I also had a half hour domestic discipline session with G – who was my “crash-test subbie” the day I took Mistress Jadis though all the various traditional implements and taught her how to use them… he’s the first person she caned!

The next day was busy too – first up fun cross-dressing and s/o with another sub I’ve been playing with for years… He loves the decadence of my fetish outfits, with a special fondness for my leather cap as it makes him feel extra submissive under my gaze.

Then a couple came in to see me for a session together (rather than a Learn and Play) – and I really enjoyed seeing the look on the young lady’s face as she realised just how much fun Erotic Domination of her handsome boyfriend would be! The feedback email they sent me the next day said “Thank you so much for seeing F and I yesterday. We both had an amazing time as you were able to make us both feel very comfortable under your guidance. Your passion for what you do shines through in your professionalism and we were both happy to have chosen you to share this first step with us.”

Such a lovely compliment – I see a lot of couples and really focus on making sure both parties are really comfortable with starting to explore new things together.

Another session that week was an extended heavy bondage session with another sub I’ve been seeing for a few years… I’ve placed him in plaster mummification previously – but we skipped that this time and focussed on more traditional bondage (and loads of electro cbt) including a couple of my fabulous body bags. They weren’t cheap (especially the leather suspension one I commissioned in San Francisco from Mr S leathers) but have proven their worth time after time as the level of restriction is just so intense – and so very quick!

I managed a little shopping to balance things out – a brace of new canes I’m expecting to arrive very shortly along with some fabulous new toys from my friends at MaXXX Black in Newtown and a heap of silicone lube to slither into the new rubber outfit I ordered from Skin Two – just keeping my fingers crossed for everything to arrive!

The next week was crazy also – lots of other fabulous play – introducing someone to butterfly board piercing – heavy humiliation with a regular visitor from overseas who just had to squeeze a second visit into his packed business itinerary – more glamorous crossdressing – a does or two of the singletail – and including a special sort of multi-day session with my ballbusting slave. Instead of being captive the whole time – he had one hour bookings for several days in a row. A different modality of extended session that still lets the Mistress/slave connection build over time – just in a different way to being locked in a cell overnight.

I like finding different ways to play…. while a large number of session I do are one or two hours of intense and specific things, there are lots of different options. Extended sessions – multiple sessions – focussed slave training – all different sorts of ways to explore.

Speaking of which I have a four day session starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday… so if you’re trying to get in touch with me be a little patient as I’ll probably be doing something terrible to my poor slave – or maybe even out enjoying a decadent meal 🙂

So yeah – 2011 has been made of awesome so far!!!

One downside is Mistress Jadis being away on her London holiday 🙁 and she’s just extended her trip by a week or so! I think all her Sydney subs need to email her and complain that they miss her – I know I do… I’m planning to take her for a decadent massage and bath house experience when she gets back to Sydney again so that should be a motivation for her to come back to us!