by | Jan 12, 2011

BDSM in general and Professional Domination is littered with strange euphemisms but the one that irks me the most is “worship”. Now I do understand that many submissives put their Domme on a pedestal and feel a sense of reverence in her presence. Some submissive fetishists will view their fetish object as if it were a Holy Relic.

But in general “worship” and “body worship” seems to be a euphemism for licking…. which is not really all that worshipful when you think about it.

I’ve been to a variety of services in various religions and denominations around the world – Catholic Mass, Benediction, Confession and so on, Anglican services, Uniting Church services – school chapel every week for ten years! I’ve been to a Shabat service at the Great Synagogue, heard Buddhist sutras being chanted, practiced mindfulness meditation, observed an ancient Shinto ceremony, visited a beautiful Mosque…

All different and wonderful types of worship that I approached with respect and interest.

In no case did anyone take any items of clothing off or lick anything!

So if anyone wants to worship me I’m happy to allow them – perhaps burn some incense, chant in an ancient language (Latin or Pali your choice), put money on the plate, spin in a circle like a Sufi mystic, hey – maybe even some self-flagellation. Oooh – or bring me a giant golden thing to stand in – like a vast monstrance!

Or sing a hymn 😉

I’ve even adapted one I sang at school (to the tune of “Oh Jesus, strong and pure and good”)

Oh Mistress, strong and cruel and good
Before Thy boots I bow!
The pain of earlier play renew
and beat me harshly now.

In paths Thy valiant slaves have crawled
Oh make me strong to go
That I may see your sweetest smile
While bleeding down below

Of course if what you really mean is you’d like a beautiful woman in fabulous rubber to order you around and make you kiss her bottom and other areas I’d recommend my friend Miss Fleur who’s an expert in all sorts of decadent delights 🙂