She’s back!

by | Feb 11, 2011

Huzzah – Mistress Jadis finally came back from London 🙂

How lucky was she to miss the incredible heatwave! I like warm weather but last week was just a bit ridiculous… I had a couple of fun heavy rubber fetish sessions – lucky the Carisbrook air-conditioning was cranked up so no-one boiled alive in their catsuit! In fact the super hot weekend I ended up hiding out in Carisbrook even when I didn’t have sessions because I don’t have aircon at home and just needed to have a cold drink and be in somewhere cool…

Mistress Jadis arrived back with the cool change and we caught up yesterday. Her first session back a double with our ballbusting slave and believe me it’s lucky he’s been craving a super severe ballbusting bonanza cause that’s certainly what he got!

He’s been writing about his experience Here on the Australia Board at the DomBoss forums bwahahaa – watch out for the updates as he’s suffering 11 days of ballbusting with either (or both) myself and Mistress Jadis…

Actually there have been a few session tales turning up. Though I haven’t been super good at letting people know… Besides the Australia board that I moderate there’s also a group on Fetlife called Tales from Carisbrook that has a range of different session stories, a bit of gossip now and then, and various bits and pieces.

I do recommend both Irene’s board and Fetlife as interesting places to hang out and chat about all the sordid and fabulous things we get up to 🙂 The board has a ProDomme focus with lots of fabulous ladies from all over the world – the Domme is Queen there and everyone else has to mind their manners so there isn’t the sort of rudeness that one can often find elsewhere. Fetlife on the other hand is very much lifestyle (gee I hate that word) focussed and is a vast sprawling thing constantly growing with new people, groups, pictures and discussions… A little overwhelming at times because there are literally thousands of groups – I just searched on “ballbusting” and found 29 separate groups dealing with this fetish!

Probably the most useful thing about Fetlife are the local groups like BDSM Sydney which can be a great resource in finding out what parties, munches and events are on for people who are looking to make friends in the scene and get out and about a bit. I know quite a few subs I’ve recommended to join who’ve ended up going out and meeting lots of fun people 🙂