Back home and back playing…

by | Mar 14, 2011

Thanks to everyone for the kind messages – everything is good now and I have to admit I enjoyed my surprise break 🙂

That said I was Very in need of some dungeon time when I got back and happily there have been fabulous subs stepping up.

One sub is someone I’ve seen a few times – first back at Salon Kitties almost ten years ago! We had a great time with lots of bondage, electro, anal play, cbt, nt and other fabulous things. He isn’t able to have marks so the corporal punishment side of things takes a backseat – though I did indulge myself with some nice flogging with my very soft heavy deerhide flogger. It doesn’t mark at all and isn’t particularly painful though it does make a great noise when I use it 🙂

I always say that’s one of the great things about being a ProDomme as opposed to all the years previously when I was playing quite a bit but only in my personal life… If I only got to play with one or two people then they’d pretty much have to be into (or willing to take more to the point) everything that I’m into – otherwise I’d be pretty cranky that I wasn’t getting all my Dommely needs met (and yes – cranky Domme is not a good thing). But as a ProDomme I don’t have to worry because I get to play with lots of different people with different interests.

Sometimes people are scared that they’ll disappoint me because they can’t be marked, or have a phobia of needles, or hate the idea of crossdressing, find bondage boring or whatever – but that’s all okay! As long as we have a couple of things in common so we can have fun – I don’t pine over the other activities cause I know for sure and certain that another sub will be in sometime in the next few days who shares a different set of interests with me.

Which happened the other day in fact – session one was no marks but loads of other awesome things – and session two was a Disciplinarian session where I got to turn the miscreant over my knee for a lengthy spanking and then follow that up with hairbrush, wooden spoon, straps, tawse and a dozen with the cane. He certainly left with a nice sore bottom and even had a few tears in his eyes at one point – delicious!