Playing dressups 🙂

by | Mar 26, 2011

I never really grew out of playing dress ups – that’s one of the many joyful things about being a ProDomme is that there is always a perfect occasion to wear something fabulous!

Part of it is being a fetishist of course – when I first started pondering my sexuality as a child I was always more interested in what I was wearing than the actual mechanics of piv sex… or big dramatic production number fantasies where I was wearing amazing outfits and getting carried around by slaves like Cleopatra. Most little girls are fantasising “a boy kissed me” – mine were all “I was wearing glamorous things and beating a slave” oh dear… my very first texture/clothing fetishes were for silk and leather – still intense desires of mine to this day.

Anyway – I still love playing dress ups and getting my subs to enjoy the decadent pleasure of wearing different things as well.

Cross dressing is of course a specific type of dress ups and one that I really enjoy. Ms Jadis and I did some shopping the other day to further the Carisbrook boudoir 😉 new makeup, decadent new false eyelashes and some shiny new accessories. Other recent additions have been thanks to the Kolotex outlet store which has a huge array of sexy hoisery – Ms J and I even sat down and sorted out the overflowing stocking box! Everything is now in it’s own little bag with a description written on it – and all the scraggy ones went in the bin.

Oh – and a retired Domme friend of mine from interstate recently donated a huge amount of fabulous clothing including a red PVC catsuit, lots of vintage girdles, sexy leather mini skirt, nurse’s outfit and some corsets and waist cinchers! I’m still sorting through all the bounty – I’ve been planning on renovating the North Floor at some stage to try and fit all the glamour in 😉 and keep it easy to find…

So I’ve been having good fun in my cross dressing sessions playing with new things! For some reason I still get so surprised once the transformation is complete and the new “girl” is parading around the dungeon. The change is so intense – much of it due to beautiful make up and shining locks, but also I think it’s the slave’s chance to express a different side of their personality.

Though many subs don’t have an interest in being feminised – but there are still ways in which they can experience the fetish pleasure of dressing. Rubber of course is something that springs to mind – but I’ve also used corsetry in session as a form of bondage rather than feminisation.

And then there’s latex/ rubber

Yum – I have a pretty good selection of rubber for my slaves to wear – though recently I’ve had to take a couple of the catsuits in for repair and have had a few of my rubber hoods die 🙁 oh well I suppose I’ve had them for many years and unlike leather rubber doesn’t last forever…

I’ve had a number of awesome rubber fetish sessions recently – and also enjoy introducing it into session even when it’s not expected. Many bondage subs really love the feeling of a tight rubber catsuit constricting them – and hedonists just love the amazing sensation of the second skin.

I may have to do some rubber shopping for slave outfits instead of lovely things for me! At least the Aussie dollar is strong.

Anyway – I had my laptop in a rubber session the other day so I took a couple of happy snaps 🙂