Countdown to DomConLA

by | Apr 3, 2011

Well the countdown to DomConLA is well and truly under way!

As is often the case I’d sort of let time get away from me not realising how the year was rushing past – then I saw Whypdancer from Canes4Pain tweeting about how she was working on new pieces for DomCon next month!!!

Cue me looking at the calendar with a confused expression and realising that this is actually the case! Though it’s May 18-22 and we’re still only in early days of April… Though how I’m going to decide what to pack is beyond me – there are so many fabulous events to attend and I need awesome outfits for everything :) There will be a heap of vendors as well though so that should be fun – I’m certain to pick up some new toys and outfits there.

Most of all though I’m really looking forward to getting to hang out with some of my friends like Irene Boss and meeting a heap of people I’ve known from online both Domme and sub. I’ve not been to a big event like this before – so when I was invited as a Special Guest of Honour I was flattered and excited to be considered!

I’ll be available for a limited number of sessions in LA while I’m there – and have already had a couple of people contact me who’ve been following me online for a few years and are happy to see I’ll be visiting LA – I haven’t been there for many years now… though my first visit was great (particularly meeting Goddess Sativa and seeing her awesome boot collection). So I’m very excited to be heading back again and getting to go a bit crazy with my shopping – heheee – hopefully the Aussie $ will still be at the amazing level it is now ;)

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