I’m on the cover of Massad!

by | Apr 17, 2011

What a surprise – I’m on the cover of well known Dutch fetish magazine Massad!

This photo was taken during a video shoot I did a while ago for the Domina Files – it was my first video experience though since then I’ve shot with Irene Boss a few times and am looking forward to doing some more video work as it’s good fun :)

I consider myself a Classic Dominatrix rather than a Fetish Model so you’re not likely to find a whole lot of images of me all over the place – while photo shoots can be great fun, I’d rather be playing than posing! In fact almost all of my favourite images include a slave – I like to give people a bit of an idea of what to expect in session – though I’m not generally drinking a glass of wine ;) though this was at the very end of a long day of shooting/playing so it’s not inaccurate as I do appreciate a nice drop of red.  I love the decadence of the image – rubber, glamour and good red wine…

the latest image of Massad

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