Where’s Mistress?

by | Apr 13, 2011

In case anyone’s looking for me over the next few days I will be playing and having far too much fun during another multi-day session 🙂

Slave arrived from the airport just before lunch time this afternoon and after a quick inspection headed out to lunch with Mistress Jadis and myself… it was a nice gentle start to his 4 day immersion into BDSM 🙂 but I suspect he won’t be getting too comfortable for too long!

He’s currently in sensory deprivation with double hoods, earplugs and my leather body bag… I thought he might have been getting bored so I unzipped a strategic area and attached some electrodes 😉

Anyway – I will be back answering my phone/email etc after the session finishes on Saturday. Though I might drop in to mention some highlights of our adventures here and there on twitter or here.