Arrived in the US

by | May 14, 2011

I’ve arrived safe and sound in the US – and am enjoying the sunshine after all the miserable cold weather we’ve been having!

The last week or so before I left was very busy with sessions as quite a few of my favourite subs wanted a chance to play before I set off on travels. Including a fantastic extended full transformation session that began about lunchtime with full body waxing (hair removal) and ended about 11am the next morning with my delicious sissy-plaything transformed back into the everyday bloke that’s her secret alter ego! (well – secret to me anyway if not the rest of the world).

I also took another of my “special girls” makeup shopping as s/he’s recently started going to a few local BDSM parties and events en femme… Highlight of our shopping venture was the House of Priscilla which has more sequins and glitter in one place than I’ve ever seen outside of a huge Las Vegas show. Fabulous! I snapped up a whole lot of false eyelashes as they had an amazing range similar to the ones I bought in Japan a while ago that finally ran out…

Playtime all over with it was very hard deciding what to pack for DomConLA! I’m a special guest of honour and am also teaching a workshop in the Industry Only section. There are so many fantastic gatherings, parties and events to go to! Generally when I travel I bring one leather outfit, one rubber and one domestic – because it doesn’t matter if I wear the same thing over and over as only one person sees my outfit at a time… but for this it’s five days of multiple things so I needed a variety of looks!

Though apparently the vendor area is fantastic so I’m sure to be getting some shopping in and picking up a few new toys and outfits.

Most of all I’m looking forward to catching up with subs I know personally and from online – and hanging out with FemDomme friends. Irene Boss will be there of course as is Madame Katorga and Maya Sinstress. Plus dozens of other fabulous Dommes I’ve know from message boards and twitter and am getting to meet in person.

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