Back from DomConLA

by | May 27, 2011

I’ve arrived back home in Sydney and as usual haven’t suffered too many ill effects from the long flight – though the comfy new Qantas A380 certainly helps in that regard…

DomConLA was an amazing experience – I’m so very glad that I was able to attend as a Special Guest of Honour and get to attend so many fantastic events over the 5 days of the event.

Wednesday I flew in from SF where I’d been spending some time with my friends and relaxing… DomCon is held at the Hilton LAX which is less than a kilometre from the airport, very convenient and meant that I was able to check in to my suite, then attend the first of the Industry Only workshops. A quick break to get changed and then I was teaching a workshop myself! It was my first time at such a large BDSM event and also teaching this particular workshop (which was on Branding and Marketing Communications) so I was a little bit nervous as you can imagine!

Luckily for me it all went really well – and I was so happy to have ladies who attended my class coming up to me over the next few days saying how much they appreciated my class. There is a very strong sense of ProDomme sisterhood at this event – and I felt that really strongly during the class as there were so many experienced Dommes there who were able to add their thoughts and ideas on Marketing and Brand Development. I structured the class to include open discussion and it was fantastic to get so much good contribution.

Which really highlights for me the best part of DomConLA – the incredible women who attend. I have never felt so welcomed and so appreciated – I think it’s easy to imagine an event with so many high profile ProDommes would be prone to egos and bitchiness but nothing could be further from the truth. I met so many amazing, fierce women and have rarely felt so welcome and so appreciated. Big kudos to Mistress Cyan for creating the event and fostering such an incredible sense of community.

The next few days went past very quickly – I was able to attend a wide range of really interesting workshops – covering subjects like Mind Fuck, Position Training, Bastinado and other delicious things… it was hard to choose which ones to attend! So many different ideas and points of view for me to take in…

And so many different social events – starting with the opening night Meet and Greet where I was called on stage and presented with a beautiful award as one of the Special Guests of Honour – and omg what fabulous company to be in with the other GoH from London, Belgium, Germany and the US – a true international lineup… There were lots of photos taken at the time, so hopefully a few will make it my way so I can post them :)

Other events included the Play Party at the newly opened Sanctuary Studios (which used to be Passive Arts) a huge playspace just a few minutes from the hotel, The Fetish Ball, Mistresses Tea, ProDomme social and a host of other less formal gatherings in people’s rooms… I have to say by the closing night farewell my feet had enough of heels and I was wearing highly polished combat boots with my leather pants and a comfy tank top – all the better for playing, as there were a few naughty bottoms needing attention ;)

Then there was all the shopping in the vendor area and the private play going on in my suite!

I also taught some more – though this time it was on video for Kink Academy! Princess Kali the founder of Kink Academy was attending DomCon and shooting footage with a number of different presenters on a variety of interesting subjects… My subjects included Age Play, Domestic Discipline, Discipline of the Hands and Heavy Caning. I’m so excited to be a part of this incredible project – I’ll make sure to post again when my educator profile is up on the site (which will require me to write it first – hehee) and some of my clips have been uploaded.

So yes – an amazing event – I can’t wait for the next one!

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