A little reminder about timeliness!

by | Jun 7, 2011

After a couple of misunderstandings recently with slaves arriving before their booking time I thought I’d post a reminder. I do know that it can be difficult to judge how long it takes to get somewhere – especially with Sydney traffic! But if you allow yourself extra time and are early please don’t expect me to be sitting around waiting for you…

Arriving early is just as rude as arriving late! Especially for independent Mistresses like myself. I understand that if you’re used to visiting a house, the ladies there are sitting around on shift so arriving early isn’t usually a problem – plus there’s a receptionist to let you in and put you in a waiting room somewhere while Mistress gets ready.

This is not what happens at Carisbrook – there’s not a host of ladies waiting for the knock at the door. If you arrive 10 or 15 minutes early I might not even be there! Or I’ll only have half my makeup on or be cleaning after a previous session or whatever.

Also please don’t hang around outside looking creepy – if you are a few minutes early go for a walk around the block – maybe walk up to the corner store and get me a diet coke 😉

Of course running late isn’t a good idea either – a simple text message is a good way to let me know if there’s a problem – but to be honest I’d much rather someone were 5 minutes late than 5 minutes early! mistress_jadis and I are the only Dommes at Carisbrook and we make sure to leave plenty of time between bookings so there’s no huge rush to get in and out quickly… If there’s one thing I can’t abide it’s feeling rushed and having to watch the clock to make sure everything’s wrapped up and cleaned in time. So make sure if *you* need to leave by a certain time to let me know – the session time doesn’t start till we begin playing so once you factor in our chat/negotiation, a shower before and after, changing time for me and so on – the time you’re at Carisbrook is a fair bit longer than the official session length.

That said – I think because 4 out of 5 sessions are people I’ve seen before I generally don’t have to explain my dislike of early arrivals very often. I’m rather spoiled by having such fantastic subs and slaves to play with and they all seem to like keeping on my good side 😉