A visit to Stockroom

by | Jun 13, 2011

One of the most fun things I did while I was in LA last month was have a very special visit to the famous leather and fetish company JT’s Stockroom… it was my very last day in the country – and my slave and I were in the comfy lobby of the Hilton chatting with some of the people we’d met at DomCon and trying to decide what to do that day. When I mentioned I wanted to check out Stockroom – a couple of calls were made and I was on my way for a private behind-the-scenes tour! Stockroom was founded in 1988 and has been selling online for 20 years since the days of usenet groups and dial up bulletin boards ;) They also have acquired Syren Latex and Stormy Leather in recent years…

When you pull up outside their Sunset St HQ the first thing you notice is the delicious smell of leather :) The store part is very nice with a good array of latex and leather clothing and plenty of toys to covet – but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg! First port of call was the leather studio – with spacious workbenches and a shelves and shelves of perfect beautiful hides all sorted in different colours and grades waiting for their chance to become toys, restraints and clothing… Next floor up was the latex lair – jewel tones shining as the beautiful Syren creations take shape.

I even got to see the boardroom and office areas and the huge, super-organised warehouse absolutely jam packed with evil, wonderful things being packed and sent around the world…

making wonderful things at Stockroom


The question of course is what did I buy ;)

Something in leather of course! I was just so seduced by the delicious scent… so even though my bags were getting a little bloated I picked up a wonderful leather straitjacket! The quality of course is amazing, heavy dense leather and shiny buckles and fittings – and it was so cool to see how these beautiful things are made… I’ve had a chance to use the straitjacket in session and it’s super restrictive plus being a bit like a snuggly leather hug ;)

showing off my new staitjacket


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