recent adventures in Carisbrook

by | Jun 22, 2011

This cold weather has been miserable recently! I’m so glad to see some sunshine over the last few days – though to be honest I’ve been in the dungeon a fair bit recently getting up to lots of mischief so haven’t done any nice winter bushwalks…

So many fun sessions – and as always a fun balance of different types of play. I’ve been spending more time up on the North and South floors – mainly because of the laws of physics 😉 as it’s toasty warm up there. So much so however that during longer sessions we almost always gravitate back to the main dungeon as it can get a bit overly warm once things have got a bit more physical!

Last night I had a session with someone I saw once before – but some time ago… He was interested in being suspended and then whipped while dangling helplessly. I’ve been doing quite a lot of bondage recently – but I get a bit fixated on all my lovely equipment so this time did a rope suspension in a seated position so I’d have plenty of back real estate for my floggers and whips. Delicious – and reminded me that rope bondage was my first love 🙂 funnily enough the last person I suspended in rope before him was myself! A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a little practice and realised I hadn’t done that before – it was quick and easy… I always say that a Domme should have experienced most of the things she does (though admittedly for me that was very long ago during my SK days) – I hadn’t been suspended in rope before and I’m far too much of a control freak to submit to someone else so self suspension it was 😉

Not that I could ever really understand what ball busting feels like, my ovaries are nice and safe behind several layers of muscle – hehe I think this is why ball busting is so hilarious for vanilla ladies (and Dommes as well I must admit) – I had a curious friend of mine who wanted to come into session and find out what it’s all about come into a session with adam4cbt a couple of days ago. Her face lit up with joy when I asked her if she “wanted a go”

Though like I said – balance is the best part of being a ProDomme and getting to play with all different sorts of people… Often the intensity of play is not about the severity – but different sorts of sensations and most of all the connection and trust that is between Dominant and submissive. Introducing someone to the delicious sensation of being helpless in a rubber body bag then teasing them through the rubber – happy sigh – I get “crazes” on certain pieces of equipment at times and recently the rubber restriction has been getting a good workout. I need to remember to drag out my camera a bit in session (with sub’s permission when hooded of course) and get a few more session happy snaps of some of the sordid goodness 😉