curious kinksters!

by | Jul 4, 2011

Hehee – well it seems as if my slightly cryptic post about CFNM was fascinating to a few people 🙂

What does it all mean? Clothed Female Naked Male – which if you google around is quite an interesting fetish – which can be incorporated into play in a variety of ways.

At a very basic level pretty much all my sessions incorporate an element of CFNM – as the slave is naked and vulnerable while I’m wearing fabulous fetish wear 🙂

However in this case the focus of the session was having one helpless naked man totally surrounded and overwhelmed by stocking-wearing Females. In this case it was myself, mistress-jadis and three of my friends! Five ladies to one male – heehee

It certainly was an intense experience for the slave! Not in a bullwhipping or ballbusting sort of intense – but more erotically and emotionally intense. Especially when our strap-ons came out 😉 My friends are curious but mostly “vanilla” and I have to say that’s one of the things I really enjoy about voyeur sessions is seeing the proverbial light go on when they observe how a Domme can control her slave – sometimes with the crack of a whip but in this case with the brush of a stockinged leg and a tormenting glint in the eye.

mistress-jadis and I really enjoy playing together. The dynamic of a double session is so fun – we get to bounce ideas of each other and there’s never any “down time” for the slave – I walk over to pick up a piece of rope, she’s still toying with the nipple clamps. We’re both excited about a sissyfication session we have coming up soon. Plotting some evil plans for our pretty sissy – s/he’s been feeding us fantasies via twitter – ideas s/he might end up regretting 😉

We’re good at sharing too 😉 quite a number of our subs like to swap around who they see… Our styles and interests are similar but different if that makes sense so it’s understandable that subs would be interested in both of us – either together in a devious double or separately.