rubbery goodness

by | Jul 18, 2011

I had two rubber and strap-on sessions in a row today 🙂 often the way these things go… sometimes it’s due to my mood of the moment when I’m really obsessing over a particular toy or activity – but occasionally it’s just something in the air 😉

Both involved some level of feminisation – though as I was saying to my sub this morning he wasn’t so much being feminised as being fetishised – turned from an everyday human into a fetish creature. I was the first person to dress him in latex and he’s been getting more and more addicted to the erotic sensation of wearing tight, shiny black rubber!

Today I added a corset and some stiletto boots into the mix – more for the restriction than for feminisation… the last piece of the puzzle was a latex gas mask hood with long breathing tube. Faceless yet able to see every move I made the fetish creature was ripe for violation!

My second session was with a sub I’ve been seeing for quite a number of years now… I dressed him in a super sort latex mini-dress, latex stockings and gloves – plus so high heels to complement the look! He loves to see me parading around wearing my strap on – I know the spectacle of me in my leathers with cap makes him feel very submissive and slutty. Of course more violation occurred 😉

This is pretty much the same outfit – though I had a silk bra instead of the chain mail one… This photo was taken a few weeks ago at DomCon – kneeling beside me is one of my personal slaves charlotte_tbt who came with me and was in 24/7 service during the five days of the event. People sometimes ask me if I’m a “lifestyle” Mistress and while I really dislike that term I suppose it’s a case of “if the shoe fits”. I certainly don’t turn into another sort of person when I change into my comfy outfit – though being in service is nothing like being in session. There’s a lot less beatings and lot more cleaning and making me cups of tea!