photos of recent session fun

by | Aug 15, 2011

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks which has been great – how nice is it to have some sunshine after all the horrible wet weather we were inundated with previously!

Poor Mistress Adira just missed out on the sunshine – though we were so busy in the dungeon I don’t think it would have made a big difference 😉 I always love having visitors so I can show off my dungeon and all my toys – even the human ones – heheee

slave started the session bound and helpless in the gaol cell… I was the “Guardess” and Mistress Adira was the “Mistress” – he had to remember who was who and address us accordingly!

After tormenting him in the cell we moved him to the main dungeon and tried out my fabulous new urinal hood 😉

Moving up to the South Floor some mummification on the bench with plenty of delicious nipple torment (and maybe an idle threat or two)

Then it was time for rubber feminisation! Frilly maid’s hood, inflatable boobies and latex stockings…

then the maid’s uniform and corset and back downstairs for more torment!