Long time no write 😉

by | Sep 21, 2011

So obviously I’ve been home from my travels for aaages – but have neglected to put pixels to screen as it were :)

Hong Kong was good fun – I managed not to shop too silly and really enjoyed some sightseeing as well. I especially enjoyed visiting the seated Buddha statue on Lantau Island and the fabulous cablecar trip across to see it.

I’ve been having a lot of fantastic adventures at home in Carisbrook since I got back – including another awesome multi-day session that ran across 4 days and three nights. I really enjoy over-night and multi-day sessions as they really give me a chance to explore different aspects of D/s (Dominance and submission) in a variety of settings from a decadent dinner to a supervised excursion – plus of course almost unlimited playtime in the dungeon!

A few sessions with people new to BDSM which has got me thinking a lot about how a sub-curious new person can find a balance between fantasy/expectations/reality and being the kind of sub who makes me smile when I see his number… more on that later as I’m heading off to MaXXX Black shortly.

I know it’s a terrible trite thing to say but the whole time flies feeling is quite intense at the moment! It’s almost my birthday again – 6th of October for anyone who’s curious… though I’m standing my the old adage “A Lady never reveals her age.” Because once I passed my shoe size European 38 I decided that was a nice place to hang out ;)

Here are some photos from the Sydney Leather Pride party Inquisition which was quite a few weeks ago now (see what I mean about time flying)  Photos are all by Kellie LaFranchi . First is just showing off my outfit including my beloved over the knee Christian Louboutin boots – then there are some that were taken during a performance installation I was in with a variety of glamorous women including my friend shown here – Burlesque Diva, Lillian Starr.  I have an awesome photo with Mistress Serena too but I’ll just have to double check if she wants it here or if that just leads to too many sad emails asking her to come back to professional practice! (Believe me there’s no way that lady is ever hanging up her boots in her personal life!!!)

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