some happy snaps and recent adventures

by | Oct 25, 2011

Well my official Birthday Month has been very good 🙂 I’ve been a little spoiled with beautiful things including a new corset, amazing leather dress and some decadent fully fashioned stockings (a huge weakness of mine).

I went hiking in the blue mountains on the actual day – swapping out the Louboutins for hiking boots and spending time with a friend of mine who was visiting from the US to teach and hadn’t had a chance to venture out of the city much on her previous visits… it was such a great day – and a really beautiful way to spend my birthday – but as she said – never take two sadists hiking! Neither of us would show any weakness 😉 it was rather intense by the end of the day coming up the Furber steps but there’s no point safewording!

I’ve been very spoiled with sessions recently too – with very special slaves making the time to come and see me around my birthday so I could have my sordid, sadistic desires met also 😀

This week has been great fun so far with a range of different sorts of sessions… Including one that was a first for me – a double couple session! I had two couples (four people all up) come in together – they’ve been exploring BDSM together for a while and wanted to take their experience a little further with me playing and demonstrating new ideas and ways to explore. I’ve seen a lot of couples over the years, particularly for “Learn and Play” sessions but also for traditional Mistress Sessions – and I’ve seen three people (a couple and a curious friend) but this is the first time I’ve had four people at once!

Later that evening I had an great session with someone I’ve been seeing since I was an apprentice… we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years I think – but as is so often the case – we immediately were comfortable together. He usually comes in with a particular fantasy he’s been considering which is very fun – this time it was a domestic discipline scenario which started upstairs in the boudoir and ended up down in the dungeon ad my “naughty nephew” was taught a Very Firm lesson about privacy and my knicker drawer 😉

Yesterday I got to play with my singletails which is always a happy day for me 🙂 and wore my metallic green Simon O catsuit which I had “forgotten” about – I have quite a lot of fetish wear (understatement – hehee) so sometimes I don’t wear things then rediscover them!