Different types of sessions

by | Dec 1, 2011

I’ve been exploring different sorts of sessions recently…which is always interesting and rather exciting :)

I’m very lucky in that most of my play (probably 4 out of 5 sessions) is with people I’ve seen before… If I take a look at my diary the last month or two I see people I’ve been seeing for over ten years – even from my early apprentice days at Salon Kittys! Mixed with people I’ve seen a few times here and there over a few years and some who’ve seen me once or twice and are really excited to explore a little further…¬† Knowing people well and feeling comfortable with each other can also lead us to be able to explore different sorts of session structures.

Of course for most people who come to see me a 1/2/3 hour session is probably the best option. We have limited time to play – but the focus and intensity is even greater as a result… I recently wrote on a BDSM message board I moderate about how a contained session like this is a sort of perfect BDSM haiku – the rest of the everyday world is oblated while we connect in a very personal and specific way… the romantic ideal of going our separate ways afterwards with barely a nod then meeting up again a month later for the perfect oblivion of that couple of hours…

I think a lot of people who read this diary/blog know that I’m an expert in overnight and multi-day sessions. I am one of a handful of Mistresses worldwide who specialise in this sort of intense and extended session… Part of it is being an Independent Domme with her own extensive play-space (which means I’m not paying an hourly rate for dungeon hire, and that I have many different areas in which to play) – but a large amount of the reason I do so many extended sessions is that I like them! (and I price them fairly – it’s certainly not the same rate as 10 or 12 one hour sessions!)

But there are lots of options for different sorts of sessions – this week I’ve had a domestic slave come in for a whole day in Carisbrook – a large percentage of his day was spent on his knees cleaning every corner of my dungeon in preparation for Ms Minax’s visit, but he was also tormented throughout the day with chastity devices, nipple play, discipline, electro and a variety of other torments… I spent time answering emails or phonecalls, reading my book, amusing myself at his expense, indulging his personal fetishes when it appealed to me and making sure all his tasks were accomplished to my high standards!

It’s certainly not the sort of session that is suited to a one or two hour session – or to be honest would be “fair” as my focus isn’t totally on the slave for the whole time – but that’s the whole point for someone who is called to serve!

Another delicious and unusual extended session this week was with my Sissy Baby who came in for several hours with Aunty Servalan… again it’s not a simple hourly rate – sissy baby may be left dressed in a frilly outfit to play with her teddy while I send emails or answer the phone – later a friend of mine¬† dropped by to casually have a giggle seeing what my sissy has been up to…

The experience of being Sissy Baby is well suited to a session that is longer in time – being helpless and in bondage is an exciting part of the experience… As I know this particular sissy very well – I’m happy to keep “her” for a longer time and work her submission into my personal schedule so we can have a good mix of play, submission and even (play) abandonment…

Another sort of play option often comes up with someone who’s in town for a few days for work… they are often busy during the day (and some evenings) but can “sneak off” here and there to play and feel that while they are in my city – they are my slave! This can involve being collared with a discreet but unremovable chain collar the whole time – to being locked in a chastity device :)

I adore fine dining so having a collared and chastised slave take me for a delicious dinner takes the sensual experience to the next level for both of us!

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