Secret Little Smile

by | Jan 25, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon everyone! I hope this year is filled with prosperity and happiness… I can’t believe how fast the holiday season got away from me… it seems like just the other day I was running around like a crazy person getting ready for the fabulous annual Carisbrook Christmas Party and here it is almost Australia Day!

Carisbrook has been very busy over the last few weeks with both Mistress Jadis and I enjoying time with many of our favourite slaves and play partners… I suspect that the pre-xmas rush was a bit of self-care for people who needed to take out an hour or two to focus on themselves (or even better Me!) in the middle of all the holiday craziness.

I’m sure that the huge stress relief of play made for less stress! I know that I always enjoy walking around after an amazing session with that secret little smile on my face making everyone wonder why I look so happy ;)

I also had a chance to get out of Sydney for a week – venturing up the coast as far as Byron and also spending some time at one of the beautiful beaches near Kempsey. It was just so relaxing to get to swim in the warm ocean and laze around eating delicious food…

That said I’m always happy to be back in the dungeon again – I miss all my lovely toys, outfits and shoes when I’m away! Though that is a big benefit of going on a driving holiday – I could pack as outrageously as I wanted – because a lady never knows when she’ll require fully fashioned nylons and Louboutins even on a beach holiday!

Recent sessions have been fabulous including a four day session – this particular slave has commented that he’s always surprised by all my ideas… you’d think after all the extended sessions we’ve done over many years of play I’d have run out of new things to try. But as with all of us I hope my play style changes and grows – I get “crazes” on certain pieces of equipment or types of play and then forget about them for a while to explore something different.

Speaking of equipment Carisbrook has had a couple of recent additions including the DogBox which can be a comfy kennel for human pups, a humiliating set of stocks or the ultimate in isolation… Guess I better take some photos so you can see what I mean!

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