Adventures in texting…

by | Feb 27, 2012

Unlike some ladies I’m all in favour of text messaging. Many of my regular slaves and submissives know this and find it much easier to get in touch with me this way instead of playing phone-tag trying to catch me when I’m not in session (or at the gym, or asleep).

Even new subs are welcome to contact me this way – though I will generally prefer to have a quick phone chat to make sure we have compatible interests…

Which leads me to today’s amusement!

Horny Phone Guy (HPG) – Hey are you available tonight?
Me – Have I seen you before?
HPG – No babe first time
Me – I don’t take same day bookings from new slaves
HPG – That’s okay maybe for another time then… Can you send me a pic babe?
Me – (sends image of about 100 needles in someone’s cock)

HPG – silence…..
Me – Hahahahaaa you don’t like heavy cbt?! (sends image of butterfly board)

Not-so-HPG – No thanks freak

Me – Well I am a Mistress!! What did you think I did?? Are you a scared little pussy?

NsHPG – silence

Me – snickering – you know that cartoon dog laugh? That one 😉

So yeah – don’t ask for a photo unless you’re happy to get something I would like to see! Maybe a heavily caned bottom or bull whipped back next time! It’s amazing the number of awesome pics on my phone – hehee!

And NEVER call a Domme “babe”!