Adventures with Venus…

by | Feb 16, 2012

Since the Venus 2000 (aka the Milking Machine) joined Carisbrook it’s been getting quite a bit of use by both Mistress Jadis and myself! Like a lot of different things it can be nice or nasty – though to be honest with this particular toy we have to stretch our imaginations to make it nasty – a bit like the Hitachi Magic Wand really (and oooh – aren’t they a mindblowing combination!)

This evening I introduced it to a regular fisting sub of mine who’s always on the lookout for new experiences that fall into his range of preferred activities… I decided that the Venus would be a perfect adjunct to this sort of play as according to another sub of mine it feels like “oral simulation if a machine was doing it” – hehee with the plus side that “Slave Venus” never gets bored, cranky, or lockjaw!

So anyway – while I was cleaning up all the debris of a very good time I decided to take a few happy snaps with the venus and one of the other toys I’d been using so people could get a better idea of what exactly is involved. (Please excuse late night scruffy happy snap)

So as you can see – the bits go into the receiver which is connected to the mysterious black box then extreme suction occurs! I always like turning the speed up very fast then just in time switching to frustratingly slow ;)

I’ll have to ask Mistress Jadis to reveal some of her favourite experiences… mine have been so many! From “forced orgasms” in a BDSM context to providing a sissy slut with a cock-sucking benchmark ;)

There are a few interesting experiences recounted over on the Australian FemDomme board I moderate at Irene Boss’s excellent message board The Scene – I shall have to chase up a few other people to discuss their experiences as it’s always interesting to get new perspectives (though new ideas can be dangerous in the wrong minds – hahahahaaa)

One more silly picture cause I really do like to laugh at Slave Venus’s antics ;)

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