Relaxing day

by | Feb 17, 2012

I had a relaxing day today – sleeping in in my super comfy bed. Coffees and pottering around – a very late lunch.

I had been planning to go to the beach, but the sky was threatening and the radar showed a thunderstorm rolling in. It ended up being a storm-fail, clouds, one clap of thunder and a few fat rain drops.

A change of mind and I was in the water about six thirty. It wasn’t a perfect sunny beach day but somehow that made the experience even better. The beautiful light on the rocks and the freshness of the water – delicious.

Right now I’m sitting at my friend’s big kitchen table, eating the peas I just shelled and drinking a glass of delicious wine. Ooh – here is the risotto – happiness.

I didn’t do any of the “shoulds” today – my new leather bondage gear remains un-photographed for example. But it has been a very good day 🙂

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