New toys and old

by | Mar 28, 2012

I just spent four days in one of my intense super-extended sessions – so if anyone was wondering “where’s Mistress and why isn’t she answering the phone” that would be why!

As usual this sort of experience really pushes boundaries in a lot of different ways – of bondage endurance, pain tolerance, forced or denied orgasms (thank you Venus 2000), and especially the basic D/s (Dominant/submissive) connection. Being completely under my control for days is very intense for someone who is used to being very much in control in his everyday life! It’s intense for me too – and I enjoy the challenge of keeping the experience fresh and exciting considering that I’ve been playing with this particular slave for around 10 years and we’ve been doing extended sessions for much of that time…

I think that’s one of the most enjoyable things about being a ProDomme for me – the creativity involved and how there is always something new to do… I think the day I stop getting excited about a new bondage position I just thought of, or evil way to torment someone is the day to hang up my boots. Luckily that seems a long way off!

This session I enjoyed introducing my slave to some new pieces that had arrived since his last session – particularly the cock-trampling table… I’m going to put some photos of it in action up on my Fetlife profile as I think they’re a bit racy for here I’ll have to take some R instead of X rated ones using a silicone cock instead of a human one!

Anyway – I’ve had the trampling table for a while but hadn’t really used it but it was great! I combined the restrictiveness of the table itself with my leather leg and arm binders for an intense experience of restriction and vulnerability at the same time… it’s also an amazing pedestal for fetish appreciation for me – I like the height and feeling of power gazing down at the slave trapped underneath my glamorous heels with his genitals trapped and laid out for me to torment! I know my slave particularly enjoyed watching me in fabulous girdle, fully fashioned stockings, Louboutins and corset arrayed so literally above him while he was trapped by the cock!

Other new additions to the Carisbrook collection include inflatable rubber bondage mitts, a unique leather “muff” restraint and a very severe bondage gag system that has a couple of interchangeable gags including an inflatable one with breathing tube. This is fantastic because as it’s pumped up it totally fills the mouth yet doesn’t restrict breathing for people who have trouble with breathing through their nose alone…

I really need to take some more photos so people get a better idea of all the new toy goodness.

Of course I use all my old favourite toys and bondage furniture – some things I just can’t go a week without using… but one piece of bondage furniture I rediscovered was my long horse- I’ve had this since I first left Salon Kittys all those years ago but in recent years it’s sat in the corner and not been used very often. Which is a shame that will soon be remedied – it’s very versatile with lots of amazing attachment points and can be combined with the overhead suspension for even more options.

You can’t really see from this photo but there is a strategic hole in the middle that is perfect for added genital bondage. I had my slave in a couple of different bondage positions on this horse – the seated one here and also lying along it in the position traditionally known as “kissing the gunner’s daughter”. I rediscovered this a couple of weeks ago with a discipline sub who wanted to experience the Venus 2000 at the same time as a caning! It took quite a bit of fiddling with rope under the horse but I managed to get everything hooked up… I need to investigate some less fiddly options for that as I think the combination of pleasure and pain is fascinating.