Notes from an overnight session

by | Mar 8, 2012

I’ve just taken up my laptop to write a little note while my newest sub is tightly confined in the heavy Mr S leather bodybag during a whole night of bondage and other play. He’s laced into a leather hood as well so completely encased and restricted – yumm… I think I’ll go suspend him in the bag so he can experience the sensation of dangling helplessly and feeling even more at my mercy! Oooh – I just ran my hands across the tight leather and I can still feel the warmth across his shoulders from the lovely flogging I gave him earlier. Well – lovely for me as I really enjoy the flow and connection of building the intensity from lighter to heavier floggers and watching the skin react under the leather tails…

It’s quite unusual for a first session to be an overnight experience – mostly people like to get to know me a little with shorter one or two hour sessions first. That said – there is certainly something to be said for the intensity of total immersion into my world. The key to making it a success for me is making sure that the prospective slave has enough compatible interests that are suited to extended play. In this case an existing love of restrictive bondage piqued my interest and made me decide that we could have our first meeting be a very intense one.

I think the reason I do such a lot of extended, overnight and multi-day sessions is because my dungeon Carisbrook is so well set up for this sort of play – I have quite a number of distinct play areas so it’s not like being stuck in one room for 12 or so hours… Plus I have such a large variety of bondage equipment that it’s easy to make sure there’s a variety of different experiences across the time. Though I guess the *real* reason is that I really like them and have had a lot of experience in the ten or so years I’ve been doing overnight sessions.

Anyway – I’d best go torment this slave some more… I’ve already had him bound in rope and confined in the standing cage wearing the fabulous new asylum half-mask that just arrived from MrS (gee I love those guys – so much amazing stuff), flogged, clamped and teased – hmmm sounds like time for some more teasing and some cbt!

My twitter will probably have a few updates here and there during the night