US travels in May!

by | Apr 5, 2012

I just booked my tickets to go back to visit the US in mid-May. I leave Sydney on the 17th of May and am back home again on the 1st of June!

First stop is LA where I was invited to be a Special Guest of Honour at DomCon… I had such a great time last year at DomCon attending classes, amazing play parties and events, shopping for toys and outfits and of course seeing all my fabulous Domme friends from around the world.

This year should be just as fun – I haven’t been to the states in 12 months and am really looking forward to catching up with everyone at DomCon and of course more learning, shopping and networking :D

Following the DomCon festivities I’m heading across to New York to visit my best friend Mistress Wynter. I haven’t been east for a couple of years and already a number of my favourite American submissives are lining up to play – Ms Wynter and I have done so many incredible double sessions over the years we’ve been friends… I’m so excited to be playing with her again – it’s been too long!

I was thinking about Mistress Wynter just the other day during a cbt session. I was using sounds – and she is the undisputed Queen of Sounding! I absolutely love the look on her face when she’s penetrating someone’s penis with that shiny metal rod – such a blend of concentration and bliss :)   It was sharing a cbt slave with her quite a few years ago now that made me order an autoclave the minute I got back to Sydney so I could keep up the delicious practice myself…

Here is something she recently wrote on a BDSM message board recently when someone asked if sounds are painful,

Sometimes there is a slight pinch, especially if you are new to the activity. Alert the Mistress if the pinch is more than a millisecond so she can decide how to proceed. Otherwise, no, there shouldn’t be pain and if there is, the activity should stop. With this activity more than any others you must stay in communication with the top as she has absolutely no idea if you are having difficulty.

My subs have explained the sensation as the feeling of continuous almost-orgasm. Sounds all right to me. “  Mistress Wynter NYC

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