DomCon LA was fantastic!

by | May 22, 2012

I’m sitting on the plane on the way to New York just remembering all the fun I’ve had over the last few days at my second DomCon… So many great parties and events – but most of all I loved spending time with some amazing Dominant women I’m lucky enough to consider my friends and colleagues. It can get bit isolated sometimes being an independent Domina though I’m super lucky to have Mistress Jadis of course.

This year was my second visit so I was excited to reconnect with a lot of the amazing ladies I connected with last year as well as seeing people I’ve known from my other travels. I think some of the best times were having a relaxing chat away from the glamorous events with friends of mine like Irene Boss and Maya Sinstress…

I did get to play though of course at the Friday night play party at Sanctuary as well as at a couple of private intimate gatherings and in my own room ;)

Then there was the shopping! So many vendors with enticing wares on display. I think only the sad fact of limited luggage space stopped me from going totally crazy. I certainly picked up some great items though including a nipple torture tower, arm binder, lovely hemp rope, spiked cock sheath, matched floggers and put in an order for some super glamorous new custom latex for me!

DomCon is a very well dressed event – with so many ProDommes from all over the world, each lady enjoys the chance to show off her unique style at all the different parties, classes and other gatherings. I’ve never seen so many huge bags as there were in the lobby ┬áthis morning as we all headed back to our hometowns. I would have worn at least seven different fetish outfits from adorable Hello Kitty corset for the launch party, classic dressage wear for the Pony Awards where I was asked to help judge, to a leather dress for the play party to rubber for the ball. Hopefully the photos will come through soon..

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