Hands-on play!

by | May 4, 2012

My bestie Mistress Wynter in New York is teaching a class tonight on Playing with No Toys – she was asking for opinions over on the Max Fisch message boards to see what other people’s experiences have been with play that doesn’t involve a vast arsenal of implements.

There were lots of opinions from various people – very interesting to see what sort of experiences have made an impression – from spanking to pinching to verbal to the lightest yet so very intense touch of a Lady’s fingers!

This is what I had to say “Oh – I love love love using my hands (feet/elbows/knees) to torment my subs…

I have very strong hands – nipple squeezing and twisting is often far more painful than using clamps – plus you get to see the delicious look of suffering in the slave’s face – and they get to see the wide eyed look of pleasure in mine

And feet as well – I love pinching with my toes as well as just wiping my feet on my plaything…

Same goes with ball squeezing – just increasing the pressure a tiny amount takes it from firm to agonising… apparently because of course I have no empathic understand of what that could possibly feel like with my ovaries so nice and safe inside my body!

Body punching, elbow strikes, repeated kicks to the ass or chest – so fun… Nothing better than doing bag work on a slave instead of a boring old bag or focus pads!

Then there’s just regular old manhandling – dragging people around – slapping and spitting…

Or for all the domestic subs traditional over-the-knee discipline… my hand spanking is *very* severe – I don’t need a paddle or cane to leave marks at times! Plus the embarrassment of being pulled along by the ear as I let the miscreant know in no uncertain terms what’s in store!

Not to mention the joys and delights of ballbusting – with feet, knees or even better punches…

Delicious! ”

Interestingly – just after I wrote that I had a fabulous session that involved a lot of hands-on play – specifically using my Martial Arts skills… I incorporated wrestling, “human bagwork” and some highly entertaining ballbusting. It wasn’t an implement free session – I did place a few lovely stripes on his bottom with one of my canes, and introduce him to erotic electro-play.

I took a few photos with the webcam in my laptop just after the session was over… the traditional Kung Fu uniform looks very different to my regular leather or latex attire!

do these little hands and feet look dangerous?


A nice reminder for me as I’m such a total gear-head that sometimes the best toys are the ones that I didn’t have to acquire.

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